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Nanaia Mahuta: Ready for a new chapter

“While I get the fact that an Indigenous party is a positive reflection for New Zealand about how we’ve evolved, if that Indigenous party is never in a position to exercise influence over the way that the country can go, then what is the point?” — Nanaia Mahuta.

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A kōrero with David Seymour

“There are always people who say I’m not a proper Māori because I don’t go to a marae. Well, the way I look at it, some people have a religious faith but don’t necessarily go to church every Sunday.” — David Seymour.

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The kōhanga reo generation is here

“The kōhanga reo generation, backed by an inexorable demographic change, and strong in their reo, whakapapa and identity, are ready to step up to the plate — defined by a uniting faith in Te Tiriti o Waitangi as a source of rectification and unity.” — Jamie Tahana.

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This is exactly who we are

“To defeat the rage, or at least tame it, we turn, as Abraham Lincoln once said, to ‘the better angels of our nature’. Those angels are everywhere, in spiritual beliefs, in tikanga, in simple notions of courtesy and civic pride.” — Tainui Stephens.

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Circus, opera or rodeo?

“The promise is that, in the first 100 days of a National-led government, Aotearoa will see the scourge of gangs eliminated — or at least, gang members corralled in a feedlot at an annual fee of only $190,000 per head. Systemic labelling and prejudice come at a price.” — Denis O’Reilly.

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The power of three

“Tripling the vote has been giving us hope. It makes sense because many of us feel powerless in the face of skyrocketing prices, unlimited corporate profit, a horrific rental market, and a burning planet.” — Kassie Hartendorp on a campaign to get people voting.

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Winston Peters: Not his first rodeo

“Despite warning Māori of an ‘Asian invasion’ in the mid-‘90s, Winston is now suggesting that we share the same whakapapa and that the real enemy, particularly for young Māori, are those ‘fanciful radicals’ working towards co-governance.” — Moana Maniapoto on Winston Peters.

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Racism and democracy

“Racism — which is to discriminate on the basis of culture, racial or ethnic origin — means democracy can’t give everybody a fair go.” — Professor Dominic O’Sullivan, on challenging racism in political campaigns on both sides of the Tasman.

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