Author: Dale Husband

Baye Riddell and his clay creations

“There’s the satisfaction of taking a lump straight from the earth and making something that you can fire and use to eat or drink out of, rather than going to the Warehouse or buying something that’s been made in China or wherever.” — Baye Riddell.

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A kōrero with David Seymour

“There are always people who say I’m not a proper Māori because I don’t go to a marae. Well, the way I look at it, some people have a religious faith but don’t necessarily go to church every Sunday.” — David Seymour.

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Vitale Lafaele: An immigrant son’s story

“In just a little over a year, I’d gone from being promoted to area commander to sitting at home. Disabled and without a job. Which is trauma enough after so many years in a position, but on top of that, I was seriously ill, and I thought I could die.” — Vitale Lafaele.

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Leilani Tuala-Warren: Combining two worlds

“We’ve been a self-governing country for more than 60 years, but we were imposing on ourselves all these ways to become more western and become more Pālagi rather than finding value in our Indigenous culture, customs and values.” — Professor Leilani Tuala-Warren.

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Wayne Panapa: 50 years as a policeman

“I can remember every fatal accident I’ve ever been to. And every murder. Date, time, and place. And, when you go past a particular place where something serious has happened, the memory just comes back.” — Sergeant Wayne Panapa on his 50 years in the police.

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Donté Kelly: Staying grounded

“With aerospace engineering, there’s this high degree of attention to detail associated with making the aircraft safe for flying. It’s not like you can park an aircraft on a cloud and change the tyre.” — Flight Lieutenant Donté Kelly.

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Don Mann: Like father like son

“We’ve always been strongly both Māori and Tongan. You sometimes hear people talk about being half this and half that, but I’ve never felt that. I’ve always felt Tongan and always felt Māori.” — Don Mann.

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Warwick Godfery: Leading by example

“Being in the gang gave me an identity. No one questioned who you were. No one cared if you’re Māori, Pālagi, or Pacific. You were a Mobster, that’s who you were. You were just one of the bros.” — Warwick Godfery.

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Brooke Pao Stanley: An independent voice

“I want to use my privilege to serve something that’s bigger than me. And I want to use my voice to highlight that some of us have so much, and we don’t realise that it’s at the expense of other people and communities and also of Papatūānuku.” — Brooke Pao Stanley.

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Ariana Tikao: Pushing boundaries

“Often, people will say ‘Kia ora’ to me now — and it’s particularly lovely for me when kaumātua acknowledge me and people start talking to me in Māori.” — Ariana Tikao on the response to her moko kauae.

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