Author: Denis O'Reilly

Circus, opera or rodeo?

“The promise is that, in the first 100 days of a National-led government, Aotearoa will see the scourge of gangs eliminated — or at least, gang members corralled in a feedlot at an annual fee of only $190,000 per head. Systemic labelling and prejudice come at a price.” — Denis O’Reilly.

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The least of these, my brethren

“Māori gang members . . . have suffered the negative consequence of being poor, young and brown in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand without enjoying any of the compensating advantages of a strong sense of Māori identity.” — Denis O’Reilly.

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Reading the room

“I’m not sure that the room is anything like the one being described. At Waiohiki, I saw New Zealand citizens of many races using the marae as a place of refuge. The rain fell on us all.” — Denis O’Reilly.

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He maimai aroha: Wiremu ‘Knockers’ Allen

“Knox was feared and respected in equal measure. He served serial terms of imprisonment. However, age, maturity, the influence of a loving partner, and the presence of children, even in a rapscallion’s life, tend to soften and heal.” — Denis O’Reilly on Black Power leader Wiremu ‘Knockers’ Allen.

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Sort Out The Warriors

“According to the police’s own history, initially, the New Zealand Police were formed to counter a gang problem — that problem being the gangs of Pākehā sealers and whalers wreaking havoc among Māori communities.” — Denis O’Reilly.

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