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Issues Sun 25 Feb
“Whether it has been some ageing Pākehā man belittling Māori (and being given media coverage as a misguided expression of press freedom), or a shop owner selling golliwogs (because “the customers like them”), the ridicule of racism has been sprouting everywhere like some noxious weed that never seems to die.”
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Pathways Sun 25 Feb
“It’s common for there to be two completely different worldviews in one household. In my case, there were my parents, learning how to become more like New Zealand people. And then there was me, born in New Zealand, trying to understand them as Tongans.”
Reflections Sun 25 Feb
Excerpts from the book, Urban Māori: The Second Great Migration
Issues Sun 18 Feb
"The Crown just ignores us. You settle in 2015. You're ignored in 2017, 2018."
Pathways Sun 18 Feb
Dale's kōrero with the new head of Māori Television, Keith Ikin.
Pathways Sun 11 Feb
“I've met a lot of people in my time, but I've never come across people who are so outwardly, vilely racist.”
Reflections Sun 11 Feb
I was born Nadine Anne Hura, but it would take me 40 years to sign those words on a page and try to belong to them.

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