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Issues Sun 25 Jun
Does setting up a marae complex on overseas soil ever make sense?
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Politics Sun 25 Jun
Tukoroirangi Morgan, the president of the Māori Party on the party’s “One Pacific — One Whānau” policy.
Politics Sun 18 Jun
"Māori have experienced demographic swamping. That’s what colonisation was. We were dominated and disempowered."
Pathways Sun 18 Jun
"People have spent more than enough time degrading our cultures — and we don't need to be part of that anymore."
Reflections Sun 11 Jun
Long story short: T is in jail. Try not to roll your eyes. I’m not here for your sympathy.
Reflections Sun 11 Jun
Evelyn Marsters, a New Zealand-born Cook Islander, on being both “too brown” and “not brown enough”.
Politics / Reflections Sun 11 Jun
"There can be no reconciliation when one party remembers while the other forgets."

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