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Pathways Sun 17 Dec
"The results really are amazing. It’s a mystery to us, actually. But it’s clear that, if you give families the opportunity to determine the right pathway for them, and provide the resources, they’ll do well."
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Nuki Aldridge
Reflections Sun 17 Dec
Nuki wasn't much impressed by Pākehā historians’ take on the circumstances surrounding the creation of He Whakaputanga.
Reflections / Issues Sun 10 Dec
A 350-million-year-old rock is going to have its mana recognised by keeping humans from clambering over it.
Reflections Sun 10 Dec
"New Zealand has yet to fully come to terms with its place in the Pacific, and to acknowledge the critical work its Pacific people and communities can do to make it finally at home in the Pacific."
Reflections / Issues Sun 3 Dec
Most New Zealand students know more about the American Civil Rights Movement than New Zealand history.
Reflections Sun 3 Dec
"I wanted kids going through spinal units to have someone like them that they could talk to. Someone who actually understood what they were going through because they’d gone through it themselves."
Pathways Sun 3 Dec
"Often the best critique comes from a place of love. Comes from a genuine affection."

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