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Pathways Sun 15 Oct
Let’s make sure that our Ōtara and Manukau buildings reflect that we’re the Pacific capital of the world.
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Issues Sun 15 Oct
Human tragedies lurk behind every claim we make to be leading the world in settling the wrongs of a colonising history.
Issues / Reflections Sun 15 Oct
What can designers and planners learn from tikanga Māori? An Auckland architect, Tony Watkins, offers some thoughts.
Pathways Sun 8 Oct
We’re failing to prepare our young people for the racism in our society.
Arts Sun 8 Oct
You don’t have to mention diversity, just because you’re talking to us
Issues Sun 8 Oct
Accepting the notion that the Crown is also Māori means much more than a Māori seat at the table
Politics Sun 1 Oct
“Most of our own whānau only visit the marae in life crises like death, and then spend their whole time with mild anxiety, hoping they don’t offend anyone and that their children don’t embarrass them.”

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