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Pathways Sun 18 Mar
"They say we've got a P problem in the Far North. Well, we do. But the P problem is prisons. It's politics. It's personalities. It's processes. That's the P problem we have here."
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Pathways Sun 11 Mar
Many of our stories are not pretty, but they're honest and they need to be told.
Reflections Sun 11 Mar
Why do we always seem to be looking overseas for our heroines and heroes when we have so many right here at home — in our own family histories and in our hearts?
Pathways Sun 11 Mar
Dr Jemaima Tiatia-Seath — on suicide prevention, the migrant dream, and the motivating force of a high school teacher who made her feel like "a dumb Coconut".
Arts Sun 4 Mar
The good news is that the country seems to be in a process of recovery — and for Pākehā, discovery — of the Māori conceptual world.
Issues Sun 4 Mar
There seems to be increasingly little awareness among church leaders — both Māori and Pacific — that there's a direct correlation between Gospel truth and political activism.
Issues Sun 25 Feb
Racist comments and acts aren't exceptions to an honourable rule — they're a systemic part of colonisation itself.

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