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Reflections Sun 22 Apr
The Māori afterlife involves soaring across the mountain ranges towards Hawaiki to hang with the tūpuna. Way less stressful than heaven or hell.
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Pathways Sun 22 Apr
"Identity shifts as you live your life."
Issues Sun 22 Apr
Christians are not God’s moral police, says Papakura minister Reverend Apelu Tielu.
Pathways Sun 15 Apr
“Prisons aren’t Māori. We can’t have kaupapa Māori prisons because we never had prisons in the first place.”
Issues Sun 15 Apr
Bob Jones’s column on Māori was “mean, malicious and infantile”, but it gets a Press Council pass under the humour defence.
Pathways Sun 15 Apr
The former probation officer has been battling to keep Māori inmates from heading back to prison.
Reflections Sun 8 Apr
When I hear a child saying she hates Pākehā, it doesn’t sit right with me. It’s the same when I hear people referring to the “bloody Pākehās”.

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