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Righting an injustice: Sāmoa citizenship bill

“There was this fear that if the Privy Council decision was upheld, 100,000 Sāmoans living in Sāmoa would arrive in New Zealand, virtually overnight, because they, by right, were also New Zealand citizens.” — Arthur Anae, on the 1982 law that denied New Zealand citizenship to a group of Sāmoans.

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Vitale Lafaele: An immigrant son’s story

“In just a little over a year, I’d gone from being promoted to area commander to sitting at home. Disabled and without a job. Which is trauma enough after so many years in a position, but on top of that, I was seriously ill, and I thought I could die.” — Vitale Lafaele.

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Some are always hungry

“Enough of this burdensome, anxiety-producing, imposter syndrome we immigrants have felt the world over, meekly replying to aggressive shop assistants: ‘No, just looking thanks,’ as they follow us around stores.” — Loveni Enari on why he loves Some Are Always Hungry.

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