The Mana Trust: Gary Wilson, Tapu Misa, Stacey Morrison and Dale Husband.

Two weeks ago, we launched our PressPatron crowdfunding campaign, and now we’re bringing it to a close.

Despite still being short of our $5,000 monthly target — at the time of writing, the total stands at $4,462 — we’ve been incredibly heartened and humbled by the generosity of so many of our readers. We now have 400 monthly supporters. Many more have made one-off donations.

And we’ve been on the receiving end of some wonderful feedback, particularly from our Twitter whānau (some of which we share below).

It’s been nice to know that we’re not shouting into the void.

We had big ambitions when we launched E-Tangata in late 2014, and, each week, we struggle (and invariably fail) to meet our own high expectations of the kind of media we want to be. We’re a work in progress.

But the total amount pledged and given (including one-off contributions) has already made a difference to our ability to survive, at least in the short term. If everyone who’s pledged a monthly koha stays with us, we’ll have $52,000 over the next year that we wouldn’t have had before the campaign.

That’s fantastic. It means we can plan ahead, at least for the next several months. It gives us a bit of breathing space. It buys us time to keep building our readership and supporter base and continue working on other sources of income.

And, who knows, maybe even to convince the government to look beyond broadcasting when it talks about funding Māori and Pacific voices and media.

Of course, we’re still open for contributions through PressPatron. But we’ll ease up on the pressure for now. (Because, fundraising fatigue.)

To all of you who warmed our hearts and boosted our bank account with your kind donations and comments: Thank you, fa’afetai tele lava, whakawhetai, mālō ‘aupito.

Kia ora,

Tapu, Gary, and the E-T Team.

And here’s some love from Twitter . . .

E-Tangata is essential to our cultural health, I can’t believe this needed to happen and for such an important platform to be going, cap in hand, to supporters. I’ll be upping my monthly donation, please consider contributing if you can.

  • Emma Espiner, @emmawehipeihana

Māori and Pasifika voices don’t have a lot of outlets. But when they do, I support them. Especially when they’re as good as @etangata.
If you can spare it, please support them too

  • Ida, @_idarima

Shifting the media narrative in this country is so, so important. We really need every platform for Māori and PI voices we can get. Please support @etangata if you can.

  • @nonplasticmaori

Mainstream media: Māori/PI are greedy, lazy, promiscuous, obese violent criminals & bad parents, reo is irrelevant

@etangata : MANA, whakapapa, Aroha, whānau, healing, reo is identity, moko is our birthright, racism is ubiquitous, RIGHTS. Decolonize media – support @etangata

  • @nonplasticmaori

As a subscriber to @etangata, I heartily endorse this message. It’s a brilliant outlet for stories we all need to hear and share, written from the heart, commissioned & edited with shining intelligence. For the price of one flat white a month, you can help keep the kōrero coming.

  • Jolisa Gracewood, @nzdodo

Am very happy to be a new contributor to this. E-Tangata’s excellent content is essential.

  • Jeremy Hansen, @_jeremyhansen

@etangata stories have shown me that I’m not alone, inspired me to write about Māori kaupapa and helped reassure me of my identity when I haven’t felt “Māori enough”. Please donate to @etangata their mahi is so important!

  • Meriana Johnsen, @MerianaJ

Many others have said it more eloquently than me but @etangata is a lifeline for Māori (& Pākehā to listen) to stories about ourselves that isn’t how bad we are or how we’re the latest awful stats. It’s vital. Give them your money.

  • Tahetoka – Amber, @amscraig

I hardly put my money where my mouth is…cause you know I have a big mouth and I’m always broke! But here’s just one thing you can do to make a massive difference in Maori and Pacific lives- pledge e-tangata and read the intelligent brilliant voices they bring to the landscape.

  • Tamaitai @Siliasays

This Pakeha is learning so much from E-Tangata – time to give (a little) something back

  • @Wheronui1

@etangata hosts valuable and thoughtful writing, especially from Māori and Pasifika writers, I check it every Sunday. But they could use a little more financial support.

  • Max Harris

E-Tangata, I believe, is a taonga that powerfully enriches the fabric of our cultural diversity, and a valuable platform for Māori and Pasifika voices. Please donate to ensure this platform remains active.

  • Te Kawa Robb, @tekawa_robb

The E-Tangata team have published many excellent articles over the last 3 and a half years on topics our country really needs to hear about. Please take the time to look through their catalogue and consider becoming a regular supporter.

  • John Tovey, @JohnWTovey

E-Tangata is my main read on a Sunday – and am happy to pay what I used to waste on buying a Sunday newspaper. Have started a monthly donation – you might like to do the same.

  • @stronglight

@etangata has had some of the best columns I’ve read in yonks. Love your mahi and happy to tautoko

  • Tahu Kukutai, @thkukutai

@etangata – you are worth every cent! I take you to dinner parties, refer folks to your site at work and in training sessions. My god, I use your material at the Board table, for my kids homework (well I guide them!)and buggar me even with MIL!

  • Jo Henson, @jo_henson

Amazed to see that @etangata have been doing all they have on such a tight budget, proud to give & think you should too if you can

  • Chris Burgess, @xurizaemon

I have no money (literally only eating because of mum), but I can reblog. E-Tangata do some great articles, and they’re sorely needed in our race-ignorant country. Please if you have something to donate, do.

  • David Anaan Drake @worldofhawk

I remember being shocked to learn at uni that just 2% of all TV news stories were about Māori Issues, and of that 2% more than half were about child abuse. It’s this sort of media bias that @etangata helps to counterbalance. Please support them:

  • John-Michael Swannix, @JMSwannix

I just signed up as a regular supporter of E-Tangata. I know how hard it is to run on crowd-funding & also the critical independence it gives. E-Tangata is an essential publisher of Māori and Pacific writers, please support their work:

  • Marianne Elliott, @zenpeacekeeper

Just chipped in $5 a month to @etangata. Very grateful for their commitment to having indigenous voices in NZ media and $5 a month is all it would take if 1000 of us chipped in to keep them afloat. Can you help?

  • Luke Fitzmaurice, @FitzmauriceLuke

You’ve been making me aware of important things since ages ago #pledged #formytamariki

  • Salty, @SaltySaysSo

E-tangata is important. Decolonise your reads and pledge a little summin summin k?

  • landi calrissian, @Lanimated

I was so excited to find @etangata last year and have enjoyed its articles ever since, there is SO much to be learned from Māori and Pasifika communities. Please donate if you can, please don’t let this valuable resource disappear!

  • Mariah, @mariahft

@etangata is a consistently valuable source for honest and heartfelt writing, especially from Māori and Pacific writers. I’ve joined up to support them – it’s easy & a small regular donation will make a huge difference. Karawhiua!!

  • Dr Jacquie, @JacquieKidd1

I pledged this weekend too – @etangata need support to maintain important voices and viewpoints we may not always be comfortable hearing but need to listen too

  • Sonja, @sonjanz

This tweet confirms the Hamilton Press Club will lend its support and encourages all its friends and followers to do the same at risk of the dreaded, lethal RED CARD

  • Hamilton Press Club, @HamPressClub

E-tangata was the first NZ publication to take my writing seriously. When I was a poor PhD student in the US they insisted on paying me despite being cash strapped themselves. That’s the commitment they have to voices in our community. Support them please.

To all my ally friends who say you “learn” so much from our voices, and want to support us, this is how you can.

  • TouchMyPoly @TouchMyPoly

E-Tangata adds such value. Many great articles discovered via Twitter. Happy to help support this kaupapa. Can you?

  • Helen Kettles, @CaptainKettles

@etangata ensures that we hear Māori and Pasifika voices in a way that encourages us all to listen – let’s ensure we can continue to hear them #ourvoices #letsupportthem #mySunday #signingup

  • Fee, @FiNZ63

E-Tangata are my favourite Sunday morning reading. I appreciate the access to writing from and about Aotearoa and Te Moananui-a-kiwa. He mahi tūhinga nō kōnei!

  • Melinda, @MelindaJWebber

I have finally set up my regular donation to E-Tangata. Every cent bloody well spent to support the vision they have of the kind of country we can be together (and actually, can be already. Momentarily, If you squint, and the light is juuust right…)

  • Mamari Stephens, @MamariStephens

A fire Māori & Pasifika journalism hub, they saved my ass when I was about to be evicted with a string of writing jobs lol. Tapu Misa + team pushed me to write better and edit harder, transforming my discipline and outlook. Support @etangata yo!

  • Coco Solid @cocosolid

@etangata is our go-to on a Sunday, they tell essential stories with a unique voice. Support Māori and Pasifika media.

  • The Spinoff Ātea, @SpinoffAtea

So essential that we have this important platform for years to come. If you have any spare cash please send it in the direction of @etangata!

  • Kera O’Regan, @KeraSauR

This year I kicked the bucket on my New Yorker sub and transferred those $ into monthly donations to @pantographpunch @etangata … and @EnjoyGallery. Supporting the best writing should start at home ….

  • Courtney Johnston, @auchmill

Get your credit card out girl, and become a supporter of the excellent @etangata. And if it isn’t possible for you, cos obviously this is the real world, then read their stuff and share cos it is always thought provoking, even when I don’t 100% agree.

  • Gabrielle Baker @gbaker


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