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Winston Peters: Not his first rodeo

“Despite warning Māori of an ‘Asian invasion’ in the mid-‘90s, Winston is now suggesting that we share the same whakapapa and that the real enemy, particularly for young Māori, are those ‘fanciful radicals’ working towards co-governance.” — Moana Maniapoto on Winston Peters.

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An accidental convert

“I come from a rugby-obsessed family. I suspect they thought football was a bit girly even though the sport was pretty much invisible in our lives. We’d barely heard of blokes playing, let alone women.” — Moana Maniapoto on the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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Portrait of a Quiet Revolutionary

Moana Jackson was “our Māori Yoda”. “He brought clarity to our struggle and wisdom to our kitchen tables, influencing generations of policymakers and jurists alike.” — Moana Maniapoto on the making of ‘Portrait of a Quiet Revolutionary’, made with the support of NZ On Air.

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Calling in on The Godfather

“I sometimes get: ‘Kei te takahi koe i taku mana’ — you’re trampling on my mana. And I think to myself: ‘Well, you’re murdering my language. Which one is it going to be? Murdering my language or your mana?’” — Tīmoti Kāretu.

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Pimp my reo

“I’ve always wanted to be confidently fluent and, at times, I’ve felt like it’s been within my grasp. But then I let it slip away.”

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