‘Not one more child’

“The story that Māori are bad parents was pushed relentlessly to justify policies that have removed tens of thousands of Māori children from their whānau since World War Two.” — Kim Mcbreen. Read More

The long struggle of the Kanak people

“They came with the Bible in front of them, in the hands of the Catholic missionaries, and the army behind them. And when we woke up, it was us with the Bible in our hand, and they had our land.” — Kanak leader Susanna Ounei, who died in 2016. Read More

Poetry is our heritage — and our future

“When I started Anahera Press, there were a lot of Māori and Pasifika poets around, but they just weren’t being published. The reason certainly wasn’t anything to do with quality. It was because mainstream publishers didn’t want our kind of writing.” — Kiri Piahana-Wong, poet and publisher. Read More

‘There’s joy in the struggle’

“For Indigenous people, our rituals are a shortcut to joy. When we connect and when we share, we secure our sense of belonging. I see and feel Indigenous joy in all the occasions our people gather, because we’ve overcome so much.” —  Tainui Stephens. Read More


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