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Reflections / Issues Sun 18 Feb
"I understood the unspoken rules. Fail and you're seen as just another Māori. Succeed and you're just like everyone else."
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Issues Sun 4 Feb
He Whakaputanga was, and remains, proof that the rangatiratanga and mana of Māori had been clearly articulated and asserted.
Reflections Sun 4 Feb
"We moved around, but we always stayed within West Auckland, which is like our security blanket."
Issues Sun 4 Feb
RNZ’s target of 80 hours of Māori content during 2017–2018 is “a ceiling so low you could bang your head on it," writes Moana Maniapoto.
Pathways Sun 28 Jan
“Colonial thinking has always wanted to halve people. So they talk about half-castes, for instance. But people are never half, they’re always whole.” Damon Salesa
Reflections / Issues Sun 28 Jan
Joanna Kidman on the loss of her father — and the pain of a generation of men and women who spoke, and then didn’t speak, te reo Māori.
Reflections / Issues Sun 28 Jan
Christine Ammunson, on how she learned to speak te reo at guitar parties.

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