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Reflections Sun 22 Apr
The Māori afterlife involves soaring across the mountain ranges towards Hawaiki to hang with the tūpuna. Way less stressful than heaven or hell.
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Reflections Sat 7 Apr
Kennedy Warne reflects on the days leading up to Martin Luther King’s death, 50 years ago.
Pathways Sun 1 Apr
My uncle said: “I think you need to put a Pākehā name on your applications.” So Dad used the name McLeod . . . and he very quickly got a job under that name.
Issues Sun 1 Apr
“This is a small part of a much larger conversation we need to have about underemployment, security of work, and the standard of living you can expect in Aotearoa.”
Pathways Sun 25 Mar
“The media had the general populace believing it was a bunch of Communist radicals running the occupation. That was the picture painted by the National Government led, at the time, by Muldoon.”
Arts Sun 25 Mar
“It took years of very conscious effort for me not to be afraid to walk into a room full of people darker than I was.”
Arts Sun 25 Mar
“When I was at school, I already knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to dance. But people would laugh under their breath when I told them because, in their opinion, it wasn’t a ‘realistic career’.”

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