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Pathways Sun 15 Oct
Let’s make sure that our Ōtara and Manukau buildings reflect that we’re the Pacific capital of the world
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Politics Sun 1 Oct
I don’t buy the line that our Māori voters didn’t know what they were doing.
Politics Sun 1 Oct
The more politicised I became, the less inclined I was to vote.
Politics Sun 1 Oct
Pacific MPs carry a heavy burden — and not just for their electorates where deprivation is high.
Reflections / Politics Sun 24 Sep
"We have come too far not to go further. We have done too much not to do more."
Pathways Sun 24 Sep
The Pākehā have a Treaty right to rule over their own people. Not over us.
Reflections / Issues Sun 24 Sep
“We were never allowed to celebrate our relationship because of the ignorance, misunderstanding, fear, and, yes, hatred that exists in the Pacific Island community and the church.”

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