Author: Connie Buchanan

Waking the tūpuna

“I truly came to believe that these taonga were asleep while they were in the swamp. The carvings embody so much mana, mauri and power from the old world that is just undiminished.” — Rachel Buchanan, on the Motunui epa.

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Rangiaowhia: Voices from the embers

“The handing down of this knowledge to the whānau is a taonga for our hapū and iwi. It helps shelter us from the chill of losing every inch of our land.” — Hazel Coromandel-Wander, on the kōrero passed down from her great-grandmother, a survivor of the Rangiaowhia massacre in 1864.

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The long road to #LandBack

“Getting Māori land back is not going to happen by magic. It’s not going to happen by other people’s generosity. It’s only going to happen by our own straight-out determination and persistence.” — Robyn Bargh on the return of hapū land.

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The Salesman Beast

“Although his books are considered classic studies based on rare first-hand knowledge, Elsdon Best was a structural racist whose bigoted beliefs help explain a lot of the shit we’re still dealing with today.” — Connie Buchanan.

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Hākarimata and the sleeping baby

“The same system which processed the land theft has adapted to prevent its return. Apologies and cash compensation keep the issue of land safely dormant — like a sleeping baby strapped to the back of a new parent.” — Connie Buchanan.

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