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Pathways Sun 17 Dec
"The results really are amazing. It’s a mystery to us, actually. But it’s clear that, if you give families the opportunity to determine the right pathway for them, and provide the resources, they’ll do well."
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Issues Sun 3 Dec
Every breakthrough moment requires advocates, and champions who are willing to push the status quo.
Pathways Sun 26 Nov
The best Māori initiatives in broadcasting have come about through the independent efforts of Māori — and keeping the government at arm's length.
Reflections Sun 26 Nov
"Like the language, marae may not survive as we currently know them, unless more of us tread them, sleep in them, call on them, fall in love in them, declaim and weep for them, and maybe even stump up our readies for them."
Reflections Sun 19 Nov
"While we can say we’ve settled our claims in 2014, we remain an unsettled iwi."
Reflections Sun 19 Nov
"Unfortunately, the religion of kapa haka seems to have passed me by."
Pathways Sun 19 Nov
The stories we tell, and the stories that others tell about us, create and shape who we are.

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